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Here At Computers & Beyond we take care of you & your computer.

Complete IT services and computer support without full-time overheads.

  • Computers & Beyond offers affordable and reliable small business computer support. By turning to us when you need small business computer support, you will save money and be looked after by professional engineers with experience. We can solve technical issues you might be experiencing onsite, over the phone or remotely. Think of us as your technology partners. Our aim is to provide a service of excellence.

  • Computers & Beyond will look after your hardware and software requirements and help you purchase new equipment when necessary. This way you can concentrate on growing your business.

  • When we discuss your business and IT requirements we will tailor our support solution to best fit you and your budget. Our level of involvement is up to you. We encourage pro-active system maintenance to keep your computer systems healthy and running efficiently.

  • The best way to reduce downtime is to ensure your computer systems are maintained properly. We make sure all the appropriate updates and patches for your hardware and software are installed promptly.


Hardware & Software Sales, Installation & Service

  • Build your computer systems on high- quality, reliable hardware & software

  • Software & hardware packages tailored to you

  • Ongoing servicing for all hardware & software

  • All hardware & software comes fully warrantied

  • Top quality computer brands & products

Whats the difference between a slow computer & a slow internet connection?

A good way to tell which one is slow is to do an Internet SpeedTest. You can do that by clicking here You will need to check with your provider as to how fast it should be. Some cheaper broadband plans run at 256k but most plans run at least 2000k. If you think yours is not as fast as it should be contact your provider and discuss it with them.

A good way to test if it is your computer that is slow is to time how long it takes to start. 1 min. is fantasic, 2min normal, 4 min slow, 5min or more horrible. Computers can run fast & clean and they are such a delight to use when they are clean. Try our Workshop Clean Up @ only $99.00!


Data Recovery

Are you in a panic because you think you have lost important data?

That spreadsheet you have spent days on or the report that took you a month to put together. Just when you think all is lost, C&B can put you at ease with our expert data recovery service. Let us give you that peace of mind


Data Backup

We all know that we need to backup, backup, backup! However we are so busy running our business, we sometimes forget. C&B offers affordable and reliable backup solutions for your business.


06 7579690 or 027 312 2629


Remote Support:

We can provide Remote Support using N-Able Managed Services

The Remote IT Service Plan does exactly what its title suggests... it provides remote, online or phone support for your computer and IT systems.

Remote support eliminates travel times, ensuring there is somebody working for you when needed, without interruption to your workplace.

If you are tired of talking to somebody in Calcutta about a problem you are having in in New Plymouth, you can call me and I can log into your machine directly accross the internet and begin troubleshooting immediatly.

A large percentage of PC related problems can be resolved or at least a workaround can be implemented with a phonecall using remote support like this. When deadlines are looming and time is an issue this can be the tool that saves the day! In addition, this saves time and gas on the road which saves everybody money.

All your Windows updates are installed regularly on an ongoing basis.

A malware scanner is installed and runs once a week.

We sign a confidentiality agreement with you to ensure your personal files are secure..

Call now or email me to arrange a session.