Remote Access using N-Able

Remote Managed Services: A HOST of features!

Many of our existing clients nowadays are opting to use our HOST (Home Office Support Technology) Remote Managed Services. What this means is that for many (but not all) of your computer issues, we are able to remotely log into your computer (from the comfort of our cosy workshop!) and solve these issues. This will, in many cases, not only reduce our time involved, but will also save you the cost of our call out fee for travel, among other benefits.

An example scenario which happened recently is when one of our business clients had a blank screen and nothing displaying on the monitor. They called as, and we were able to remote into their computer to discover that it was actually running perfectly. This confirmed that it was a faulty monitor. We were even able to remotely and properly shut down their Windows computer (again, from the comfort of our cosy workshop!) - The joys of IT magic! 


Here is what you get when you sign up to this service with us and join the ranks of our other happy clients:


•             Your cost will be only $25.00 a month.

•             A malware scanner software (for detecting and removing malicious software) is installed and runs once a week.

•             All your Windows updates (and other updates) are installed during our Monday evening remote checks.

•             Once a year in December, you get a remote clean out of your computer at no extra charge.

•             We can remote in once a month and fix things for free if the task takes less than 15 minutes.

•             We sign a confidentiality agreement with you to protect your privacy and precious data.

•             You can still leave the service at any time by sending an email and discontinue payments the following month.

So call us today to join the ranks of happy users on our N-Able Managed Services!!

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We can do RAM upgrades, hard drive replacement, SSD installation, SSD cloning and Windows 10 installation and upgrades.

We offer an insurance letter service for when you have those little accidents...

We offer a friendly on-site or home service, when your computer won't go.

We offer an excellent local service for when your computer is broken.

We offer fast repairs with a one month warranty on all our work.

Cloud storage and backup is emerging as a real growth area for computing and we offer these services along with our N-Able Managed Service which is a monthly managed service to keep your computer running at top speed and in pristine condition.


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